BYLINE / How can an Italian court murder Indian democracy?

The ancients knew their metaphors. They classified the state of a human mind into four categories, or 'humours', based on bodily fluids: blood, phlegm, melancholy and choler [or bile].

BYLINE / Gandhi, Chakrayya and Ambedkar

In May 1947, Mahatma Gandhi suffered a grievous personal loss. Chakrayya, a young Dalit disciple who had served at Sevagram Ashram since its inception in 1935, died of brain tumour. He was like family; the Mahatma's grief was palpable and public.

BYLINE / The way dynasties end

Success measures capability; a crisis tests an individual's or institution's maturity and resilience. Congress was hit by an explosion in

Byline / The ears of Astronomy

As an enquiry, science has generally left me perplexed. During first encounters in school, physics was a bit of blank and chemistry

BYLINE / Congress pays heavy price for GST obduracy

One can hear the silence and visualise jaw-drops in the Congress High Command drawing room at the results of a just released ABP News-Nielsen survey of the national mood. The figures speak for themselves.

BYLINE / At odds with ends

A curious role reversal seized Parliament for much of last year, resulting in apoplectic fits that bode ill for the health of the institution.