The water tank with many holes

The man eager to pay back his debt is becoming a rarity. Yet, he represents the hardworking, honest Bangladesh that can bring real change to the system.

US' visa restriction 'signal' / A fair warning against a foul conduct

The decision to restrict US visa services to Bangladeshi nationals who might be unlawfully and immorally involved in undermining the forthcoming electoral process has created a political maelstrom.

Do we need branches of foreign universities?

Let’s not turn our education into a commercial farce.

Parting thoughts for 2022

Can you define 2022 in one word? A word that captures the mood and the mode of a year that’s passed?

Supporting a team so far away

The curious case of Bangladeshi supporters taking up sides in the football feud between Brazil and Argentina has caught the attention of international media.

Questioning the questions

We live in an intolerant time where everything is suspected.

Does a degree in Bangla have no value?

What are the factors that contribute to the marginalisation of the academic degree of a language in its own country?

The appearance and disappearance of Tagore

Censorship at a public university curtails our right to be exposed to and enriched by art.

Shaking of the ground

The series of earthquakes is a grim reminder that we should never let our guard down against nature.

The Ideological Elephant in the NCTB Textbooks

The newly introduced textbooks for Grades 1, 6 and 7, prepared by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), have created quite a stir.

Welcome to the Machine

The pressure to write more, become more visible, master more, and claim mastery over issues beyond one’s discipline or format can make one seek shortcuts.

Afterthoughts on Dhaka Lit Fest

Is it possible for art to be an ally in promoting the climate conversation?

Walking in the city

The stories come alive when you walk in the city and meet the faces that form the mass.

University ranking announcement and the morning after

The oldest private university in Bangladesh is giving its oldest public university a run for its money.

Is it too easy to become a professor in Bangladesh?

The academic rank diagram needs to look like a pyramid where few professors are located at the apex.

To kill a mocking monster

What prompted those devoted pilgrims in Panchagarh to ride an overcrowded boat and join a death march on the Korotoa River?