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  • Pedestrians first, pedal cyclists second, then the rest

    What I am about to write will be of no use, least of all any consolation, to the family and friends, and yes admirers, of the flicker that was denied to sparkle. Because they cannot bring her back to conquer mountains with a smile, to pedal a bicycle to her heart’s delight, or convey knowledge to her students with care.

  • Two sides of the Covid

    Contextually, although lockdown remains an essential defence worldwide against the spread of Covid-19, there have been exceptions at the cost of human lives.

  • For the honour of Scouter, Lt Gen Robert Baden-Powell

    Mass movements are characterised by a euphoric tempo. Thus, it was understandable when on June 7 “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) demonstrators in Bristol brought down and defaced the statue that commemorated 17th Century slave trader Edward Colston. Perplexing though was the inclusion of the statue of Baden-Powell, the founder of the worldwide Scout Movement, in their “Topple the Racists” list of sixty statues.

  • The rigorous and (oops!) the negligent sides

    At five feet four, most people’s mouth is where my nose is. In a democracy, they can do all the loud talking at a distance from me, but their flurry of drenched words requires my close proximity. My nose is again of the type that inspires free speech, supplemented with coughs and sneezes.

  • If not I, then who?

    Trending now are a winter holding at around twenty degrees Celsius, finishing office work in a traffic jam, private fogging to rid societies of mosquitoes (members of the Executive Committee not included), and a side job or business not only to make ends meet but for a wee bit of luxury, such as eating out.

  • Not only Mayors, we need to make promises too

    Election time is full of promises. Wowed by the vows, some of us are the happiest. Many of us are steeply sceptical; we suffer the most. Most of us believe the rhetoric, or pretend to, otherwise candidates would not have been spewing material for us to build castles in the air, election after election.

  • Around the world in 999 words

    The following anecdote I have narrated before, but it merits repetition for sheer context.

  • In 2K20, let us resolve to be a little different

    As we draw closer to pulling the curtain on 2019, it is an opportune moment for self-analysing ourselves.

  • Pink ball, espionage and beating India

    My earliest encou-nter with the razzmatazz colour, discounting my childhood chushni (more about that later) was due to my kindergarten schooling at Comilla’s Our Lady of Fatima Convent.

  • I too am Chhatra League

    1974. BUET Elections. The position of Mujibbadi Chhatra League was not at all rosy. The major threat was the student wing of Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD), drawing young people in droves by its patent ‘Scientific Socialism’. Another front was Chhatra Union, popular among cultural activists.

  • Till an argument do us apart, no!

    Nowadays while meeting someone after a lapse of a few months, and with a gap in updated information, following the customary exchanges there is hesitation to pop the question, “How is the wife?”

  • Our pride, our hope, oh my Bangla Bhaasha!

    Famed for his Moder Garob, Moder Aasha, a-mori Bangla Bhaasha, poet, educationist and lawyer Atul Prasad is long gone.

  • #Facebook

    I am dazed and dejected, but not down. This chap is such a beyadab. He deserves one big thappar.

  • #Saree

    The most adorable sight that thy eyes can behold is that of a child in her first saree, her small strides burdened by girdles of fabric (quality immaterial) and her vain efforts to keep her anchol in place. She will carry a heavenly smile garnished by shyness, innocence and pride of being Mommy, at last.

  • Dualism is to everyone’s loss

    To be a successful criminal (No! I am not opening a school), besides having 10 SIM cards (legally allowed for each operator), an oily body to slip away if caught, a foul mouth, an arsenal of weapons, and liaison with uniformed ostads and informed murubbis, one must

  • Make them eat their mangoes

    You left a restaurant, content, so much so that you tipped the waiter heavier than your usual. Two days later, a news flash on the TV scroll: “Sona Dana Khana Pina Restora fined Tk 1 lakh for freezing rotten fish and expired chicken.” Nausea overtakes you. To an

  • Of pink dogs and doggone humans

    We have remar-kable similarities: jobless or sleeping on the job when employed, being kicked about or loved like crazy, meaninglessly barking at each other, unkempt body hair or salon spoilt, ready to lick and leak in public; tree or wall is a matter of circumstances.

  • Camouflage of a different kind

    The history of camouflage is as old as animals hiding in their natural habitat. Human beings, perhaps the greatest copycats, took quite a while but never looked back, especially since World War I when military forces massively exploited the craft. Over the years, few of us can deny not having taken refuge in the art of disguise and deception at some time in our life.

  • Rajuk's 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'

    Rajuk's 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'

    British historian Lord Acton's 130-year-old observation that a person's sense of morality diminishes as his/her power increases is true

  • From Breivik to Brenton to #HelloBrother

    Terrorists kill without discrimination. Their tactics differentiate them from freedom fighters. Terrorists have no religion. They may have names—Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim or any other.

  • Melania Trump

    Melania Trump for president

    America, of US fame, like most countries including Bangladesh, is a nation that thrives on “firsts”. From Benjamin Franklin's discovery in 1747 of the principle of electric charge conservation

  • Jumping to conclusions in poignant encounters

    You never know until they tell you. We humans have been perennially judging each other by appearances mainly, but also by what we say or do or not.

  • We choose to be unsafe

    The chain reaction, which culminated into the Chawkbazar devastation last Wednesday, was reportedly detonated by a car's gas cylinder that burst, leading to the explosion of plastic goods and chemicals stored in an area of mixed occupancies.

  • Ringtones of Misery

    It's three in the afternoon. I have just retired from my routine lunch. As I settle down to relax with the day's newspaper and a bit of a shuteye, my mobile gives me a rude startle. Being someone whose occupation demands connectivity, I need to receive every call, and so I do.

  • Politics of posters

    Level playing field” was the most popular phrase before the 11th national parliamentary elections, and after.

  • Why will 'they' pay to serve us?

    The young man delivered the hot biriyani at our door. I thanked him and paid him his company's due, and a little something extra for his service.

  • Let architects do their job

    Architects, not all, will perhaps offer a convincing reason for choosing the subject and the profession. Dialectics may vary from

  • My name is Ahmed

    My Name Is Khan” is a 2010 Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol starrer Indian hit film. In the cine world, plagiarism is the name of the game, and sure enough Dhallywood followed suit in 2013 with a romantic action movie by the same name with local heartthrobs Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas doing the honours.

  • The road belongs to us, the public

    That does not imply we can do anything with it, on it and besides it. This license of ownership is rather a delegation of responsibility that very few of us understand, and therefore are unable to fulfil.

  • No apologies, I am not a candidate

    To be honest there has not been any clarion call from any quarters, least of all the fallacious source of all power, nor from any of my well-wishers, relatives or "true" friends for me to submit my candidacy for election to the Jatiya Sangsad.