Windows 10 world's most popular desktop OS

Photo: The Jakarta Post

Three-and-a-half years after its launch, the Windows 10 operating system has finally become the world’s most popular desktop OS.

According to The Verge, Windows 10 was now running on more than 700 million devices, including PCs, tablets, phones and Xbox One consoles. Having closed 2018 with 39.22 percent of desktop OS market share, it is projected to run on 1 billion devices on an extended timeline, following its previous target of 1 billion devices within three years of its release.

Meanwhile, Windows 7, which recorded 36.9 percent of desktop OS market share in December 2018, has been popular since its release 10 years ago. It stayed strong despite Microsoft’s offer to upgrade to Windows 10 for free and a marketing campaign titled “PC does what?”

Users have been reluctant to upgrade from Windows 7, up until Microsoft announced it would end its extended support for it on Jan. 14, 2020. The same reluctance was seen during the move from Windows XP to Windows 7 beforehand.

Now although the number of Windows 10 users has surpassed its predecessor, Microsoft reportedly still needs to convince businesses to upgrade to Windows 10.

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