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In photos: A virus draining life out of cities

Star Online ReportMarch 17, 2020



Considered the bastion of human activity, progress and community, the world's cities are taking on a different hue -- one forced upon them by the fear of a coronavirus outbreak.

As the world population adopts isolating measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, these previously bustling habitats are laid bare -- from empty street-side cafes to shuttered theatres, from closed stadiums in Rio, Brazil to the almost deserted Tate Modern gallery in London, UK -- cities around the world are reeling from a sudden drop in attendance.

We do not know how long it will continue, but the following images -- gathered from Reuters photographers who are venturing out of quarantine -- might make you realise that this new virus is a threat to humanity as a whole, and that we are all in this together.


Seattle, USA


Jakarta, Indonesia


Hamburg, Germany


Caracas, Venezuela 


Beirut, Lebanon


Lalitpur, Nepal


Istanbul, Turkey


Guyaquil, Ecuador


Hillcrest, South Africa


Los Angeles, USA


London, UK


San Luis Talpa, El Salvador


Shanghai, China


Sofia, Bulgaria


Barcelona, Spain


Vina Del Mar, Chile


Toronto, Canada


Makati, Philippines


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Rome, Italy


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Athens, Greece


Algiers, Algeria


Dhaka, Bangladesh