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Two majors are better than one

If you're like me, and you're studying in a private university, then you are well and truly worried about graduation, and what's going to happen to you and your singular degree.  But one great thing about our universities is that there are a lot of ways to broaden your scope and field, whether by taking out-of-department courses or better yet, through pursuing a double major.

A double major is when you major in two fields of study as opposed to one. A lot of universities in Bangladesh offer great options for undergraduates who are looking to increase their knowledge and capability in the job market. Faculties even advise students to major in finance alongside marketing, or persuade economics undergraduates to take mathematics courses. Business studies, social studies and economics are three degrees which are complemented very well by another major. With that being said, here are four double major schemes that are worth pursuing for yourself and your future wallet.

Marketing and Finance

Considered the two sides of the same coin, a double major in marketing and finance is a great path for anyone looking to get the most out of their business studies. A major in finance trains students to analyse and interpret specific types of financial issues, while marketing graduates are equipped to identify product demand and bridge consumer desire for maximum gains for the company. Bridge the two gaps and you have someone who is a valuable company asset. At the very least, it sets up graduates for a whole host of job opportunities from both ends of the spectrum. Combine the two majors and you have someone who has the tools in their arsenal to be the figurehead of their own business or enterprise.

Economics and Mathematics

Typically the first scare most economics students get is with the mathematics that pertains to their discipline. However, the importance of mathematics in economics is plentiful and that is why teachers urge students to at least take two to three math courses during their time as an undergraduate. It makes graduate school less challenging and it sets you up with a nice range of expertise. Having a double major in these two fields also allows you to be a top pick for companies looking for a data analyst or an actuary. For anyone planning to do academic research in the future, a double major in economics and mathematics will help to provide sound statistical and data analysis to their research. It can also open up prospects for graduates to join academic line of work.

Microbiology and Biotechnology

If you're majoring in either biotechnology or microbiology, it's almost a no brainer to also major in the other discipline. According to BRAC University's course outline, you have to complete just 15 more credits (5 extra courses) while studying either discipline to get a major in the other. This applies for both microbiology and biotechnology undergraduates. The number of courses that diverge between both degrees is staggering and it opens up a lot of job prospects for those who want a future in medicine. Biotechnology is a great field of studies for those who want to do academic research in the future while microbiology is great for those who want to equip themselves with deep knowledge of cell biology and the clinical aspects of microorganisms.

Computer Science and Economics

Similar to obtaining a double major in economics and mathematics, combining computer science and economics studies for a double major can prepare students to bridge fields and work with computer technology in tandem with economics. A major in economics helps students learn theories related to domestic and global economics while a computer science major learns to write programming code, protect computer data, and design computer systems and software. Gathering and analysing data is important in both fields of study, and dual expertise could result in specialised professional opportunities.  If your focus is analytical economics, econometrics and data science, then this is exactly the double major you need to pursue. And for anyone who wants to move into financial economics after graduation, having a degree in computer science will be invaluable for the future. 

While the aforementioned pairings are great and worth pursuing, it is important to remember that a double major which doesn't complement your future interests, is of no use to you. Use your time, money and knowledge efficiently and you will get more benefits from majoring in one subject as opposed to obtaining a double major but with no clear goal in mind. But if you are sure of your interests and want to work in a specialised field, then perhaps a double major is what you are looking for.


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