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12:00 AM, January 04, 2019 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, January 04, 2019

Introverts can't survive in the corporate world Fact or myth?

Many people perceive introverts as unkempt hermits shying away from the world while hating everybody they meet. These false stereotypes get masses to believe in a dangerously flawed myth that introverts aren't fit for the corporate world. In reality, introverts make some of the most prolific workers and moving leaders. Below are some key reasons why introverts are in reality perfect for the corporate world:

Introverts are amazing team players

While working in groups, sometimes things tend to get very stressful. Unregulated influx of different opinions and ideas tend to hinder healthy group dynamics. Ego battles and urges to out-speak others often lead to undesirable circumstances that are uncongenial with progress. In such situations, introverts help create a balance to restore synergic dynamics in the group. Introverts don't lash out. They contain their emotions and speak in a well calculated manner. Without the driving need to always be speaking, they tend to actually listen to fellow team members and make perceptive choices. This makes them excellent team players.

Introverts are more focused

Introverts don't let themselves get easily distracted, and as such they tend to be more fixated on the task in hand. This trait is even more helpful for completing hefty projects that demand long stretches of attention and seclusion. Introverts do not rush into completeness, instead they opt for a more thorough approach. Being internally driven by productivity, they never settle for mediocrity, and instead always aspire to display great standards of quality in completing tasks. In a chaotic work environment, where meaningless small talk severely impairs work ethics, introverts are withstanding focused workers.

Introverts are strategic salespeople

Previously, extroverts used to be preferred when it came to sales calls due to the predominant idea that clients needed to be aggressively pursued and mindlessly convinced into buying products. That idea is no longer prevalent. As such, introverts as strategic thinkers make great salespeople. Unlike extroverts, they don't tend to dominate conversations. Instead, they intently listen to what the customer really wants. Customers now prefer the more consultative line of sales pitch that introverts can provide by striking a good equilibrium between zeal and conception.

Introverts create meaningful connections

Introverts tend to have different priorities when it comes to developing relationships. They steer clear of filler conversations, and carefully invest in connections that they find meaning in. Their interactions are often guided by a sense of significance. They are hence more apt at grasping a deeper understanding of their clients and employees, while extroverts focus more on the superficial identities. This makes them useful assets for companies they work for. In leadership roles, they tend to be better leaders to proactive people. They are very receptive towards good ideas suggested by individuals in the team and are willing to prioritize new concepts with merit. Experts say that the real challenge is when introverts have to lead a passive team. That's when the introverted leaders need to strike up a balance between restraint and enthusiasm in order to prevent group think and ensure constructive progress.

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