Ukraine repels new Russian air barrage

Ukraine fended off 36 Russian air attacks in and around the capital overnight while pro-Kyiv Russian fighters said they were battling Russian forces for a second day inside Russia, trading blame with Moscow for the deaths of two civilians.

Two killed by shelling in Russia as hundreds flee

Two civilians were killed today in shelling on Russia's Belgorod region on the border with Ukraine, while Kyiv was hit by Russian strikes overnight for a sixth day in a row.

Russia hits military facility in Ukraine

Russia yesterday said its military had hit Ukrainian air bases in overnight strikes and Ukrainian forces had shelled industrial facilities inside Russia as both sides sought the upper hand ahead of what Kyiv hopes will be a decisive counter-offensive.

Zelenskiy says Bakhmut still in Ukraine's hands

Ukraine said on Sunday that it was still fighting for control of the eastern city of Bakhmut, after President Volodymyr Zelenskiy had said earlier that the city remained "only in our hearts"

Ukraine wins access to F-16s at G7

Moscow says supplying the advanced jets to Kyiv would carry 'colossal' risks for West

Russia launches new attack on Ukraine's capital, officials say

Russia launched about 15 cruise missiles at Ukraine's capital on Tuesday, the second attack in as many days, with air defence systems shooting all of them down, officials said, after air raid alerts blared over most of the country

100,000 Russian dead, wounded in 5 months in Ukraine: US

More than 20,000 Russian troops have died and another 80,000 were wounded in five months of fighting in eastern Ukraine, particularly in Bakhmut, a White House official said Monday.."We estimate that Russia has suffered more than 100,000 casualties, including over 20,000 killed in action,"

Ukraine retains Bakhmut ‘road of life’

Ukraine remains in control of a key supply route into Bakhmut, a military spokesperson said yesterday, as the head of Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group threatened to withdraw some of his troops from the eastern city if Moscow did not send more ammunition.

Russia blames Ukraine drone attack for Crimea fuel depot fire

A Ukrainian drone strike set ablaze a Russian fuel storage facility in the Crimean port of Sevastopol early on Saturday, sending a vast column of black smoke into the sky in the latest attack on the Russia-occupied peninsula

Attacks rock Russia-controlled territories

A huge fire erupted in Moscow-annexed Crimea after a suspected drone attack hit an oil depot yesterday, as fighting intensified on the southern Ukrainian front and shelling deprived Russian border villages of power.

Ukrainian city under 'intense artillery fire', power cut

Russian occupational authorities in southern Ukraine said Saturday that Ukrainian forces were subjecting the city of Novaya Kakhovka to "intense artillery fire" that had cut off electricity

Huge fire at Crimea fuel depot after drone strike: authorities

A huge fire broke out on Saturday at a fuel depot in Sevastopol, the main port in Moscow-annexed Crimea, with authorities saying it was the result of a drone attack

Russian strikes kill 26 including children in Ukraine

Russian strikes battered cities across Ukraine on Friday, killing 26 people including five children, as Kyiv said preparations for a counter-offensive against Moscow's forces were nearly complete

Russian strikes kill 25 in Ukraine

Russian strikes battered cities across Ukraine yesterday, killing 25 people including five children, as Kyiv said preparations for a counter-offensive against Moscow’s forces were nearly complete.

Russia kills at least 12 in biggest Ukraine air strikes for nearly 2 months

The early-morning attacks were carried out as Kyiv prepares to launch a counteroffensive to try to retake Russian-occupied territory

Russia fines Wikipedia again over article

A Russian court yesterday fined the Wikimedia Foundation, which owns Wikipedia, two million roubles ($24,510) for not deleting what it said was “banned content” related to the Russian military, Interfax reported.