BAMBA Reborn: Loud and Clear!

Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (BAMBA) is back with a bang, this time offering the band music lovers a grand collaboration project of 24 famous bands of the country. The project is titled Banglalink presents Legends of Rock. According to Maqsoodul Haque, frontman of Maqsood O Dhaka and a veteran figure of BAMBA, all the bands had to work hard in unison for 9 straight days, as everything related to the shows were looked after solely by BAMBA, from stage management to sound engineering and all the little details. A total number of 168 songs have been recorded. The uniqueness of the project is that, alongside playing their own tracks, the bands involved will cover each other's famous numbers as well. The audience will also get to see some fascinating intra mix-and-match of the band members, as all the senior and junior musicians of the committed fraternity had gelled in together for the project. Broadcast partner Desh TV will air the first five episodes consecutively every day, starting from the Eid day. The remaining nineteen episodes will be telecast one episode per week afterwards. Each of the bands will be seen performing one special patriotic song, and another special episode will be aired on December 16 this year, consisting of only those patriotic numbers. So this now goes beyond questions that the band music lovers will be up for some amazing treats this Eid!




৫৪ মিনিট আগে|রাজনীতি

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সকাল ১১টা থেকে ১২টা পর্যন্ত জেলা শহরে বিদ্যুৎ অফিসের সামনে অবস্থান কর্মসূচি পালন করা হবে