Investigative Stories

Investigative Stories

Cardiac Implants For Children: Top hospitals using unauthorised devices

Unauthorised companies are smuggling a number of cardiac medical devices into the country and selling those to some of Dhaka’s top public and private hospitals without proper vetting, raising questions about health regulations and patient safety.

3d ago

Barind Farmers: At mercy of ‘water lords’

On April 9, Mukul Soren, a Santal farmer in Rajshahi, drank pesticide in a suicide attempt over not getting irrigation water from the same deep tubewell that allegedly led to the suicide of two farmers, also Santals, last year.

1w ago

S Alam's Aladdin's lamp

No official record of a single taka taken out of country, yet he and his wife obtain citizenship of Cyprus through investment, go on property-buying spree in Singapore

Graft is his middle name

Internal GCC enquiry upon directive of LGRD ministry exposes countless misdeeds of suspended mayor Zahangir Alam

Tk 2.60cr into thin air

A bank account was opened in the name of ex-mayor Zahangir Alam, and was later used for the transaction of Gazipur City Corporation’s money.

Life lost amid irregularities

The captain of a Biman flight was napping in the crew rest area, leaving the cockpit of a Boeing 777-300ER technically unmanned, when a passenger had a heart attack

‘Border bars’ for Bangladeshis

It was a cloudy afternoon on October 2 at Shahpur border in Cumilla.

Biman recruitment test: High officials linked to question leak

On 21 October 2022, Biman Bangladesh was to hold a recruitment exam for 10 posts for electricians, mechanics, welders, painters, operators and tailors. Around two hours before the exam, the recruitment process was suspended -- the question paper had been leaked.

Human Trafficking: Families’ wait for justice gets longer

Justice remains elusive for 21 fortune seekers, who either died or went missing after being trafficked abroad, as investigators could not collect any evidence in around one and a half years since filing of the cases.

Traffickers target slum women

Transnational human trafficking syndicates are now targeting women in city slums and selling them to brothels in India after promising them lucrative jobs.

A principal mired in corruption

With each passing day, his irregularities became more unbridled and brazen.

Human Trafficking: Victims still stranded in India

Some of the girls trafficked to India and forced into prostitution by a transnational racket are still stranded in the neighbouring country, while a few, including a minor, are yet to be traced.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons: Trapped in Kurdistan

The horrifying tales of Bangladeshi women being trafficked, more often than not, take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Built to crumble

It began with two things -- good intentions and a plan flawed to the core.

Crimes behind Brahman cows

Import ban, so what? There are ways to sneak those in, through the country’s main airport even.

28 Axle Load Control Centres: Crucial RHD project runs into snag

Roads and Highways Department (RHD) has failed to start the physical work of a project taken up two years ago for installing 28 axle load control centres despite a call by one of its wings for implementing axle load control on highways ungently to reduce road damages.

Scars of torture all over him

“If you come close to me you will smell the pus.”

‘It felt like I was in a grave’

“I decided not to shave the beard. I’ve just trimmed it a bit, I think I quite like the beard,” laughed Shafiqul Islam Kajol, his eyes twinkling with amusement at the irony of keeping the large, shaggy, grey beard that grew out over his 53 days of enforced disappearance and seven months in prison.