Parliamentary body blames drugs, extramarital affairs for rise in divorces

Divorce rate increase

A parliamentary body today (May 22, 2022) expressed deep concerns over the increasing number of divorces in Bangladesh.

The parliamentary standing committee on the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs has recommended taking necessary steps to reduce the number of divorces in the country.

Following a meeting, Workers Party MP Lutfun Nesa said that divorce rate in Bangladesh is seeing a sharp rise. She listed "drugs and extramarital affairs" as some of the main culprits.

The parliamentary watchdog at its previous meeting had discussed the issue.

Speaking on the issue of educating newly-married couples, reserved seat MP Lutfun Nesa Khan raised the issue of rise in divorces.

She claimed many couples are getting divorced due to drug abuse.

Lawmaker Shabnam Jahan said that divorce has become a major issue in contemporary society, which is very worrying.

MP Lutfun Nesa said that social media like Facebook and TikTok has created "extreme instability" in society.

"Extramarital affairs have increased in recent times and Facebook and TikTok are big reasons behind this. People are busy on these social media platforms for hours. Husband becomes obsessed with other women while the wife becomes obsessed with other men. In this way people get into extramarital affairs. At one stage the family breaks up," she said.

She suggested shutting down TikTok and bringing Facebook under control as measures.

She also suggested appointing area-based counsellors (psychologist) to curb social unrest, including reducing the number of divorces.

Committee members Fazilatun Nesa Indira, Shabnam Jahan, Lutfun Nesa Khan, Sahadara Mannan, and Kaniz Fatema Ahmed participated in the meeting chaired by the committee chief Meher Afroz.


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