World's first wooden satellite built by Japan researchers

The world's first wooden satellite has been built by Japanese researchers who said their tiny cuboid craft will be blasted off on a SpaceX rocket in September

1d ago

Sick of tourists, Japan town blocks view of Mount Fuji

A Japanese town began mounting a large mesh barrier at a popular viewing spot for Mount Fuji on Tuesday, in an attempt to deter photo-taking by an ever-growing number of tourists

1w ago

Japan says Saudi crown prince visit postponed over King Salman's health

Japan's top government spokesman said Monday a planned visit this week by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been postponed "due to the health condition of King Salman"

1w ago

Japan to introduce online booking for Mount Fuji trail

An online booking system for Mount Fuji's most popular trail was announced on Monday by Japanese authorities trying to fight overtourism on the active volcano

2w ago

Japan bread recalled after rat parts found inside packs

.More than 100,000 packets of sliced bread have been recalled in Japan after parts of a black rat's body were discovered inside two of them, the manufacturer said Wednesday..Food recalls are rare in Japan, a country with famously high standards of sanitation, and Pasco Shikishima Cor

3w ago

Snake on a train delays Japanese bullet service

Even small delays in Japan's much-vaunted bullet trains are rare, and more unusual still are snakes on board holding up the speedy "shinkansen" services

1m ago

Magnitude-6.0 quake shakes northeast Japan, no tsunami alert

A magnitude-6.0 earthquake struck off northeastern Japan's Fukushima region on Thursday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, but no tsunami warning was issued

1m ago

Japan's royal family makes Instagram debut

Japan's royal family is now on Instagram -- but don't expect any candid selfies from its official account, which went live Monday in a cautious social media debut for the ancient monarchy

1m ago

900 luxury watches 'go missing' in Japan

Around 900 luxury watches worth almost $13 million are missing in Japan after a site renting them out folded and its owner fled to Dubai, local media reported

2m ago

Japan announces successful launch of next-gen H3 rocket

Japan's space agency announced the successful launch of its new flagship rocket on Saturday, making it third time lucky for the H3 after years of delays and two previous failed attempts

3m ago

Japan Moon landing was around 55 metres from target: space agency

Japan's "Moon Sniper" craft landed around 55 metres (180 feet) from its target, the country's space agency said Thursday as it released the first images from the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) mission

4m ago

Japan says 'possibility' Moon lander power can be restored

Japan switched off its Moon lander almost three hours after a historic touchdown on Saturday, to allow for a possible recovery of the craft, the space agency said Monday

4m ago

Magnitude 6.0 quake strikes off central Japan, no tsunami warning

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake off central Japan caused strong shaking on Tuesday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, but no tsunami warning was issued

4m ago

Death toll from Japan quake rises above 200: government

The death toll from a New Year's Day earthquake in Japan climbed to 202 on Tuesday with 565 confirmed injured, according to government figures

4m ago

Japan quake death toll rises to 168, over 300 missing

The number of people unaccounted for after Japan's New Year's Day earthquake more than tripled on Monday to 323 while the death toll rose to 168, according to local authorities

4m ago

Elderly woman pulled from rubble five days after Japan quake

A woman in her 90s trapped for five days under rubble caused by a huge earthquake in central Japan was rescued against the odds, but snow and storms were further complicating relief efforts on Sunday

4m ago

Death toll hits 126 in Japan quake

Rescuers and residents sifted through rubble Saturday as their focus turned to recovering bodies and cleaning up rather than finding survivors, five days after a huge earthquake struck central Japan and killed at least 126 people

4m ago

Japan quake death toll rises to 92, missing 242

The death toll from a devastating earthquake in central Japan rose to 92 on Friday, regional authorities said, with the number of missing jumping to 242

4m ago
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