Gas Crisis

700MW power shortfall worsens load shedding

Due to gas supply shortfall, eight power plants yesterday generated more than 700 megawatt (MW) of power less than their capacity yesterday, worsening the country's load shedding situation.
Power Development Board (PDB) said the country yesterday produced 3,376MW tops against a capacity of over 4,000MW. Yesterday's official power demand was 4,300MW; it is more than 5,200MW unofficially.
About 10 power plants remained shut for one reason or another while eight plants were affected by the gas crisis.
The Haripur 360MW Independent Power Plant yesterday produced 260MW due to gas crisis. "This is the first time Haripur plant was given less gas," said a PDB official.
The other affected power plants include the Raozan, Sikalbaha, Ghorashal, and Mymensingh power plants.
PDB needs 840 million cubic feet of gas per day to generate 4,000MW power but Petrobangla and its affiliates are supplying around 650 million cubic feet of gas per day.
Against a gas demand of 2,000 million cubic feet a day, Petrobangla is currently supplying 1,770 million cubic feet a day.


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