Police informer found dead

A police informer was found dead in the capital's Paltan area early yesterday.
The deceased, Alamgir Hossain alias Tunda Alamgir, 35, worked as an informer for the Detective Branch of police and Paltan Police Station for a long time.
Police recovered the bloodied body of Alamgir from a yard of a tin-shed house and sent it to Dhaka Medical College morgue for an autopsy. The body bore several stab injuries in the throat as well as blunt force injuries to the head, said Sub-inspector (SI) Shafiqul Islam of Paltan Police Station.
Initially the body was found by the locals in the morning and then they called the police.
Shohag Khan, a cousin of the deceased, said on Saturday morning Alamgir went out of the house like everyday but did not return. He used to reside in the area with his mother and sister.
On Thursday night, some youths of the area beat Alamgir during a quarrel between them, Shohag added.
About two years ago, local miscreants of the area had slashed the veins of two wrists of Alamgir, said Shohag.


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