Arab League unhappy

Russia slams; China, India regrets

Dissenting voices, including from the Arab League which had backed the no-fly zone, arose yesterday as the scale and method of "Operation Odyssey Dawn" became apparent.
"What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone and what we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians," League Secretary General Amr Mussa told reporters.
Mussa said preparations were under way to convene an emergency meeting of the 22-member Arab League at which Libya would top the agenda.
Meanwhile, Russia called for an end to "indiscriminate use of force" by foreign states taking part in military operations in the North African country while China and India have expressed regret over the military operations yesterday.
Forces led by France, Britain and US began bombarding Libya with missiles from air and sea on Saturday to enforce a United Nations-mandated no-fly zone and protection of rebels from Muammar Gaddafi's forces.
Within the 15-member UN Security Council, China and Russia were the most prominent voices in opposition to the military action.
"We urge the relevant states to stop indiscriminate use of force," said a foreign ministry statement from Moscow.
"We proceed from the inadmissibility of using the Resolution 1973 mandate... for ends that clearly overstep its framework, which stipulates only measures to protect the civilian population."
China said it opposed the use of force in international relations.
"China has noted the latest developments in Libya and expresses regret over the military attacks on Libya," a foreign ministry statement said.
China's statement made no mention of a ceasefire and stressed that China respected the North African country's "sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity".
India in a foreign ministry statement yesterday appealed for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.
"India views with grave concern the continuing violence, strife and deteriorating humanitarian situation in Libya.
"It regrets the air strikes that are taking place. The measures adopted should mitigate and not exacerbate an already difficult situation for the people of Libya," the statement said.
However, Beijing, Moscow and New Delhi did not block the UN resolution, abstaining in the Security Council vote on the issue rather than using their veto power.


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