IPL 3 clean, confirms ICC

Paul Condon, the outgoing chief of the ICC's Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU), has said it worried about the first two IPL seasons not because it suspected match-fixing but because of the lack of infrastructure to prevent it. He said the third edition held this year was a clean event largely due to the heavy involvement of the ACSU.
"IPL 1 and 2 we were worried about, not because we think there were huge fixes, but because there was no infrastructure to prevent it," Condon said at Lord's on Thursday. "That doesn't mean to say that matches were fixed in IPL 1 and 2, but nor can I, hand on heart, give it a clean bill of health. I just don't know .
"Our advice was, and remains, that if you are going to have world-class players, international players, who are playing in IPLs and Twenty20s, and if they do anything daft there, sadly they will take that back into the international game. You can't be a part-time fixer, once the bad guys get into them, and a lot of them are organised criminals, then you are on the hook."
While Condon acknowledged he had heard rumours of spot-fixing in the third IPL season, he said there was no concrete evidence to suggest that was the case. "In IPL 3, the ACSU was heavily involved, there was an education programme, and we've got no current intelligence, or information, or ongoing enquiries, which suggest anything other than IPL3 was a clean event in terms of spot-fixing.


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