Today's Gallery (20.04.2015)

People participate in the "Colour Run 2015" in Paris yesterday. The Colour Run is a five kilometres paint race without winners or prizes. Participants are showered with colored powder at different stations along the run. Photo: AFP
Youths, with their mouths taped, take part in a sit-in at Beirut's Martyr's Square organised by Lebanon's principal Armenian political party, Tashnag, ahead of the 100th anniversary of the mass killings of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire in 1915. The protestors set up tents and will take part in a hunger strike to raise awareness about the plight of the the Armenian people. Armenians around the world will mark on April 24, 2015 the centenary of the World War I-era mass killings of their kin by Ottoman Turks in what they insist was a genocide -- a term fiercely rejected by Turkey. Photo: AFP