A star-studded gala

The Last Thakur: There is something captivating about this charismatic actor and eminent theatre personality that demands respect from everyone. Perhaps it is because of his talent and achievements. With his greyish black beard and a slight, courteous smile, the superstar posed for the Showbiz camera.
Poised in elegance: Shampa Reza graced the 24th anniversary celebration with her charming presence. We spotted the gifted singer and actor - an aspiring face for many - clad in a traditional sari, with her face (as always) radiating a timeless beauty that many of us only dream to have.
Charmed!: Sweety has always been an icon for the fashionistas. Wrapped in a gorgeous and graceful sari, the renowned model and actor carried herself with all the beauty and charm at her feet. Very warm and friendly, and with a good natured smile on her face, she was a gem on our guest-list.
How beautiful: Que Bella actually means 'that beautiful' or 'how beautiful'. Farzana Munni, the beauty expert from the renowned salon 'Que Bella', had stood true to its name. With her stunning beauty, she was one of the shining stars of the gala night, displaying those very skills of a beautician and stylist, through herself.
Portraying brilliance: Nima Rahman is a powerful stage and TV actor. And over the years, she has become a popular face among the people. Her brilliant roles have captivated audiences for many generations. So when we came across the icon in the function, we quickly opened the shutter for a few clicks.
The Prestige: A magician made an appearance in the ceremony. Yes, we're talking about none other than Jewel Aich, a household name in Bangladesh, holding the fascination of millions. With his infamous tricks and illusions and his classic antics and charms, Jewel Aich was one of the most loved faces on the red carpet.
Eternal beauty: Her name has become synonymous with beauty and style. Everybody knows her by her famed and highly celebrated beauty salon. Farzana Shakil was kind enough to squeeze some time out of her busy schedule to attend the programme, looking as elegant and stylish as she always does.
Welcome, Ambassador: She has very recently taken up the role of the US Ambassador to Bangladesh. We are thankful to Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat for taking part in and sharing in our happiness, that she took time out of her busy schedule to attend the event. As for her outfit, she decided to go with a shalwar kameez. With an attire that's very popular and common in our country, she looked just like one of us.