Today's gallery (2024.06.14)

BEJEWELING THE FORESTS: A western hooded pitta spotted in the Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary in Chattogram. It’s one of Asia’s most frequently observed and familiar pitta’s and it’s no surprise that its range spans from eastern to southeastern Asia and maritime southeast Asia, where it lives in different kinds of forests, plantations and other cultivated areas. As lowland species, it’s easily identified throughout its range due to the striking colours: emerald green body plumage, dark head, bright blue wings and a dash of red in the underbelly. Though it is abundant in its range, a slow decline in its population shows that within a decade or so, it might become a vulnerable species. Spotted from April to August during its breeding season, this bird highlights the sanctuary’s dense forest and undergrowth as a vital habitat, underscoring the importance of preserving such natural environments and celebrating the region’s rich biodiversity. Photo: MONJUR MORSHED
People wading through ankle-deep water at the outdoor department of Osmani Medical College Hospital in Sylhet city yesterday. Incessant rains since Wednesday night have left the hospital, along with many other areas, waterlogged, disrupting services and causing immense sufferings to the patients, attendants and doctors. PHOTO: SHEIKH NASIR
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