Today's Gallery (2024.03.03)

Small boats, locally known as Barki, are good for carrying pebbles and sand arrive in Sylhet’s Jaflong and Jaintiapur. The photo of craftsmen taking their new boats to local markets on the Chengarkhal was taken last week. Photo: Sheikh Nasir
A large boat is being loaded with “chhon” or “shon,” a type of tall grass found in the Sundarbans. To encourage new growth for deer grazing, authorities pay traders to remove mature grass from the mangrove forest. The grass is mostly used by villagers in Khulna and Bagerhat for various purposes, including building roofs of huts, fences in and around croplands, and as fuel for mud stoves. The photo was taken recently from the Kochikhali canal in the Sarankhola range of the Sundarbans. Photo: Habibur Rahman
Students of Buet demonstrate on campus as two of their classmates died in Thursday night’s devastating fire at a building on Bailey Road. Photo: Anisur Rahman
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