Today's Gallery (2023.09.26)

Bangladesh pacer Marufa Akter celebrates with teammates after the dismissal of Pakistan’s Sidra Ameen during their bronze-medal match of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China yesterday. The pacer’s effort and an all-round show from Shorna Akter helped the Tigresses win the match by five wickets to earn Bangladesh their first medal from the continental multi-sport event. Photo: AFP
A speeding bus rear-ends another as they try to get on the Bangla Motor-Moghbazar flyover yesterday morning. Luckily, no casualty was reported. The photo was taken on Rashed Khan Menon Road in Eskaton. Photo: Collected
A halo of multicoloured mist floated over the clouds in Dhaka sky yesterday afternoon. This phenomenon is called “cloud iridescence”. Also known as “fire rainbow” or “rainbow cloud”, this occurs when sunlight diffracts off water droplets in the atmosphere, according to National Geographic. This photo was taken in Hazaribagh. Photo: Rashed Shumon
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