Today's Gallery (2023.09.22)

With the monsoon bringing life to the Buriganga, some locals are out fishing in the river near Kamrangirchar yesterday. Locals say they are getting some fish after the relocation of tanneries to Savar from Hazaribagh. There were hardly any fish in this part of the Buriganga due to release of toxic waste into the water body by tanners, they said. Photo: Palash Khan
Buses on Gulistan Road in the capital clog up the road to pick up passengers yesterday. The buses take up so much space of the road that they also block the on-ramp of Mayor Hanif Flyover there. Photo: Amran Hossain
Poised to prey... A stork-billed kingfisher, identified by its bright red large bill and legs, on a tree in Katakhali of Rajshahi. The large kingfisher is found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It lives in well-wooded habitats near lakes, rivers or coasts. It perches quietly whilst seeking food, and is often inconspicuous despite its size. It is territorial and will chase away eagles and other large predators. This species hunts fish, frogs, crabs, rodents, and even young birds. Photo: Courtesy of Mohammad Ridwanur Rahman
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