Today's Gallery (2022.09.29)

Handicraft in the form of flowers, trees and other shapes made of palm leaves. Swapan, and his helpers, Milan and Ripon, have been using this talent to earn a living for almost two years. They sell their artwork at Tk 50-500 per product. The photo was taken at a footpath adjacent to Gulistan Shaheed Matiur Park in the capital yesterday. Photo: Firoz Ahmed
One of the oldest and most traditional sources of underground water -- the well -- is something rarely seen in the ever-growing concrete jungle that is the capital city. However, this particular centuries-old well, in a household in Old Dhaka’s Shankhari Bazar, is still in use and has been for generations. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Prabir Das
Silt from the Kajibacha river, via this pipe, is being deposited on farmland in Khulna’s Batiaghata upazila. Many private companies are buying cropland and illegally filling it up in this manner, rendering thousands of acres of land unfit for cultivation when the country’s food security is under threat. The photo was taken on Tuesday. Photo: Habibur Rahman
After travelling against traffic, a microbus, with a government sticker on its windscreen, is about to take a U-turn to get on the road towards the Malibagh-Mouchak flyover in the capital. The photo was taken in Malibagh DIT road yesterday morning. Photo: Sk Enamul Haq