Today's Gallery (2022.06.23)

Buildings remain half destroyed after City Corporation authorities carried out eviction drives against illegal establishments -- including residential buildings, shops and factories -- at the Kathalbagan Box culvert road a month and half ago. People have begun living in the partly-demolished structures, which might result in tragic accidents. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: RASHED SHUMON
Vehicles dumped near the Shahbagh Police Control room after police confiscated them at different times. Most of the time, they cannot complete the lengthy legal process and the vehicles are left unattended until they are completely damaged. The photo was taken yesterday. PHOTO: AMRAN HOSSAIN
An aerial view of the houses submerged in water from the overflowing Jamuna river at Khatiyamari char under Chaluabari union of Bogura’s Sariakandi upazila. Twenty-five thousand people have been stranded by the floods in the union, and over the last week about 100 houses have been washed away, according to local administration. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Mostafa Shabuj