Today's Gallery (2021.12.23)

Shoppers browsing books at a roadside bookstore in the capital’s Nilkhet yesterday. Such stores were closed for some time as educational institutions were shut for much of the past two years due to the pandemic. Reopening of the institutions late this year has seen a rise in demand for books. Photo: Prabir Das
“Are there no girls in Buet?”, “Is Buet only for boys?” are the words written on a wall of the university’s campus in the capital. Female students wrote the words to protest teachers asking them to return to halls after they went out on December 15 night to paint motifs to celebrate Victory Day. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan
As winter beckons, rural Bangladesh has already adorned itself in its age-old traditions -- starting the fog immersed mornings with the sweet nectar of date trees. The collectors of the date sap go through a tedious process of setting up pitchers late in the night, and wait till dawn to receive the fruit of their efforts. This photo was taken recently from Baraikandi of Barishal Sadar area. Photo: Titu Das
To raise awareness against plastic pollution, Chattogram-based organisation Boi Bondhu, in cooperation with the city corporation, introduced a unique campaign. Under this one-month long initiative titled “Give plastic, take seeds”, the organisation is collecting scrap plastic materials from people and giving them plant seeds in return. The photo was taken from the port city’s Jamalkhan area yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan