Today's Gallery (2021.10.19)

A trader selling colourful wool on a makeshift stall in the capital’s Gulistan yesterday. With the onset of winter, many are buying wool to knit their own jumpers. However, according to the sellers, more and more people now opt for readymade knitwear rather than making their own. Photo: Palash Khan
A pair of Indian silverbill munias resting on a tree branch in the capital’s Azimpur. This small bird is available across the Indian subcontinent. The photo was captured recently. Photo: Courtesy of Rehana Begum
College students stop buses in front of Dhaka College on Mirpur Road yesterday demanding they be allowed to pay half the fare. They also stuck stickers on the vehicles’ windscreens that state their demand. Photo: Prabir Das
The capital’s Moghbazar flyover is almost always jam-packed with fast-moving vehicles crawling at a snail’s pace. Yesterday noon was no different, as cars, bikes and auto-rickshaws battled to get down from the pathway. And the roads under the flyover are not much better off. This whole situation is not surprising for those who have been dealing with Dhaka’s traffic for years on end. Photo: Rashed Shumon
Bikers stuck in traffic at Bangla Motor intersection occupy the pavement on Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue yesterday. Often such blatant violations of traffic rules go unpunished. Photo: Amran Hossain
A motorcyclist going through filthy water on Shyampur-Kadamtoli street in the capital’s Kadamtoli area yesterday. Due to poor drainage system, toxic water from different factories has been stagnant on the street for a long time. Photo: Anisur Rahman