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Today's Gallery (2020.09.12)

cricket practice

Eleven-year-old Sheikh Yamin Ahmed Sinan raises his arms in the classic pose of celebration after clean-bowling his mother in the practice nets at Paltan Maidan yesterday. Yamin, a resident of the capital’s Arambagh and a student of a cricket coaching club in Paltan Maidan, enjoyed a short net session with his mother Jhorna Akhtar Chini before practice. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

milon smriti stambha

The Milon Smriti Stambha in TSC area of Dhaka University is in a bad shape due to a lack of maintenance. The memorial was built to commemorate Dr Shamsul Alam Khan Milon, who was killed by thugs at the height of the anti-autocracy movement in 1990. The physician’s supreme sacrifice had transformed the movement into a mass upsurge that prompted the fall of the then autocratic regime of HM Ershad. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Anisur Rahman

hilsa fish

FISHMONGERS MAKING HAY... A large hilsa fish being displayed proudly at a fish market in Karwan Bazar in the capital yesterday. This culinary favourite of Bangladeshis was being sold at Tk 1,300 per kg, and business was good on the weekly holiday. This particular specimen weighed in at 1.8kg. Photo: Prabir Das

narayanganj explosion

A family member pours water on the head of Salma Begum, a victim of the blast at Pashchim Talla Baitus Salam Mosque in Narayanganj, as she lies in a bed at her home in the city’s Talla area yesterday. The 45-year-old homemaker was walking along a road beside the mosque on September 4 when the explosion happened. She received treatment at a local hospital for burns to her throat, right hand and right leg. The explosion, which has left 31 people dead so far, caused a fire on the ground floor of the mosque. Photo: Anisur Rahman

transporting wooden boards

This is not just a truck transporting wooden boards; it very well might be a bringer of potential injuries and fatalities. The steep angle of the tied up boards, the workers sitting on top, the flimsy ropes -- all could be reasons for a terrible accident. One small slip and the men could fall off and get hit by the fast-moving vehicles on Shah Amanat Bridge in Chattogram. A board sliding off could slam into one of the many cars behind. This photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan