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Today's Gallery (2018.02.02)

no lesson learnt?

Passengers, including a boy, are walking on the tracks to go to a platform from another while a woman is seen sitting right on the line at Kamalapur Railway Station yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon/File

no lesson learnt?

Rubina Akter, a final-year student of social work department at Jagannath University had lost her legs after a locomotive ran her over at the same place (marked by the arrow) on Sunday. It happened after she felt dizzy while crossing the lines and fell on them. However, people seem to have taken no lesson from the incident as they keep on doing the same, ignoring the risks. This photographer saw at least 200 such people who walked on the lines to change platforms in an hour from 12:30pm yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon/File

The road beside Dhaka Medical College Hospital

The road beside Dhaka Medical College Hospital has turned into a parking spot for pickups. The vehicles also block access to the adjacent footpath. In addition, open garbage containers and waste dumped all around it cause nuisance to locals. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan

a senior citizen

A senior citizen cautiously walks down the stairs to avoid a fall. Every day, many people use this awfully dilapidated staircase to get on and off the Second Buriganga Bridge (Babu Bazar). The photo was taken near Mitford Hospital in the capital recently.