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Today's Gallery (2017.09.09)

hilsha price gone down

A seller holds up two large hilsas for buyers at the fish market in the capital's Karwanbazar area yesterday. The price of the fish has gone down now due to good catch. Prices range from Tk 550 to Tk 3,000 a kg depending on size. Photo: Sk Enamul Haq

city getting busy

After a hazardous rooftop journey on the train, passengers get off at Kamalapur Railway Station. The city is getting busy with more and more Eid holidaymakers returning to the capital in big numbers. The photo was taken around 3:30pm yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan

holidaymakers returning

Passengers await their turns at Chandpur Launch Terminal while a jam-packed launch sets sail towards the capital. As the Eid holidays came to an end, holidaymakers have started returning to Dhaka in droves. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Alam Palash