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Today's Gallery (2017.07.11)

risky journey by boat

Schoolgirls take a boat in the Shitalakya in Narayanganj on Sunday while a sand-laden vessel looms dangerously close. Every day, hundreds of people use such boats to cross the river for Narayanganj city and collision with cargo vessels are not uncommon, say locals. Photo: Anisur Rahman

dumping ground

At first sight, it may look like an industrial wasteland. But a closer look would reveal that it is a dumping ground of cars, which were seized by police and then left right there to rust away. This is not the only site. There are several others across Dhaka city where thousands of cars and motorcycles have been left abandoned like this. Lakhs of takas go to waste only because there is a lack of an efficient mechanism to dispose of the vehicles. The photo was taken at the former site of Dhanmondi Police Station. The station recently relocated from the place. Photo: Rashed Shumon

maryam bibi khal

In contrast to the other canals, the state of this portion of Maryam Bibi Khal in Firingi Bazar area of Chittagong city is quite pleasing. It is neither encroached upon by influentials nor is it clogged up with garbage. The canal even has a decent width, with concrete embankments on both sides. Despite all the positives, it cannot help ease the long-standing waterlogging problem of the city. Years of unmanaged siltation is choking up its flow on way to the Karnaphuli river. Photo: Anurup Kanti Das