03:57 PM, February 03, 2016 / LAST MODIFIED: 04:21 PM, February 03, 2016

Healing dry skin around the eyes

Maaesha Nuzhat Nazmul

Dry skin around the eyes is a common phenomenon during winter.  The skin ends up becoming flaky due to cold air but for those with a condition like eczema, the suffering is greater. The skin around the eyes and eyelids are much thinner than the skin elsewhere and hence moisture is lost faster.

Symptoms of dry skin around the eyes include flakiness, soreness, irritation and swelling as well. It might be difficult to put a finger on the exact cause of this kind of dryness but it is obviously unattractive and very uncomfortable. Harsh shampoos and harmful chemicals in make-up products, unsuitable facial scrubs or washes are common culprits.


Remove any irritants
First and foremost, you have to identify what your skin is reacting to which is resulting in this unwanted dryness around the eyes. The use of a make remover is beneficial, although in order to ensure that you skin is not being stripped off its moisture, go for those products that are labeled alcohol-free.


Keep clean
Keeping your personal hygiene in check is essential for having a healthy skin. Using lukewarm water to wash your face ensures all the impurities and dirt get washed out. Be careful while choosing a cleanser and toner as they might play a key role in leaving your skin dry and flaky. Make sure that you pat your skin lightly and then move on to the next step.


Use Vaseline jelly under the eyes
After your skin has been washed and dried off, you can apply some moisturiser. Put a thin layer of Vaseline jelly under your eyes in order to lock in the moisture. This way the cold weather will not enhance your problem any further. Regular use of Vaseline jelly will also give the healing process a boost.

In case you get any Vaseline in your eyes, do not panic. It is lipophilic and hence only dissolves fat. Remove any excess product away from your eyes using a damp washcloth.


Think prevention
You could use lotions and moisturisers designed for sensitive skin as some products end up leaving your skin in a drier state. Hypoallergenic products, such as Vaseline Jelly Original, are particularly made to help skin fight irritation and allergic reaction.

As the skin around our eyes is so sensitive, we suggest you use Vaseline Jelly because other lotions and moisturisers may not be the best choice for use here. The "Wonder Jelly" is filtered thrice and is a 100 percent natural and so absolutely safe to be used on the face. Vaseline has been proven and tested to give you soft, elastic and rejuvenated skin around the eyes.

Adapting this new regime will keep your eyes from looking dry, dull and tired. Often times because of our busy lives we take many things for granted. However, taking small steps to keep our skin moisturised and soft is surely something that should not be skipped.