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Lacy opulence

The simplest of fabrics, and the most mundane of dresses can be turned into a stunning piece with the addition of a lace. No single picture ever comes to the mind when we hear the word lace for the hundreds of types and designs we are used to seeing. Some love to outline their clothes, while others love to grace their whole attires, but we can all agree on one thing; the lace is one extraordinary fashion piece that is a must-have for unique clothes.

Anyone who loves laces and working with them knows that Chandni Chawk is the lace hub of the city, besides Priyangon being the second best at holding the latest and best pieces. Our busy schedules have, most of the time, gotten the better of us, which has kept us away from these places we all love, but with so many new laces in the market, there has never been a better time for a trip.


Amongst the newest collections that you will spot, the first to catch the eyes will definitely be the multi-coloured bright Joypuri laces stacked from end to end. From centimetre-wide slim ones, to a few-inches-wide, filled with the boldest shades of reds, blues, yellows and greens, the options are endless. Some come with only thread work, while others have additions like beads and glasswork. These laces give any outfit that ethnic and traditional touch, and are perfect for holud and mehndi events at weddings as well. Other than these regular places, a lot of people have been seen sporting Joypuri laces on their denims, and might we add it is an unconventional, but wonderful pairing that needed to be done more.


The one new lace that has caught everyone's attention is the gold and silver cylinder lace. If jazz on a lace had a version, this would be it. It is super glamorous with the golds, silvers and coppers. Some even come with pearls and beads, while others come in multiple layers, and some stacked to create really long chains. Because of the variety, this lace suits a lot of different fabrics and outfits, making it one of the best sellers of the year. 


If you have not noticed already, 2018 had been a furry year in terms of laces, thanks to all the affordable options at Chandni Chawk. The combinations of fur and feather has that magical touch that makes any dull piece look luxurious, but these dresses cost just as much. If you want to incorporate these fluffy, yet gorgeous textures at affordable prices to give your fabrics a luxe touch, look no further, because Chandni Chawk has a heap of these. You will find them in the form of laces which makes it easier to stich on to any edge. There are bright colours like neon pinks and greens, and there are more subtle versions that look natural as well. Some people even like to stack on a few layers to give their clothes that extra fluff. Furry laces are also available and these look almost like mini mink scarves, but way more affordable.


One recent trend in laces has definitely got to be your lace standing on its own besides the fabric. These laces are so good they need their own space apart from the clothes, so they hang freely, garnering even more attention. Tassels are one such variety for sure, which gives any piece of cloth a touch of playfulness. Tassels are found individually in uncountable colours and in many different lengths as well. Individual ones are better when you want to stitch them on your clothes, or use them as a button replacement. Tassels also come with straight ribbon laces that make it easier to add when you want to cover a larger edge, like the edge of a dupatta or the bottom of your dress. Smaller tassels also look cute when added to the pajama hemlines.

Pom poms are found in just as many colours, forms and sizes. You will get individual ones, ones with hooks in golds and silvers, and finally attached to ribbons. One fun thing about pom poms are that you do not have to stick with a fabric, but can add them on other materials like sandals and bags as well. This really gives these items a boho touch which you might love.


Brocade is not a new trend, but it has resurfaced in recent times, and is a great way to give a traditional touch to an otherwise modern outfit. Although many different widths are available, in this particular case, the wider the lace, the better it looks. These gorgeous pieces give any outfit an instant touch of tradition while dressing it up. The usual way to style these laces would be on saris and dupattas. But if you want to experiment, outlining monochrome jacket hems are a creative way and makes your mundane jacket come to life. Chequered patterns graced with brocades on the hem are also a combination to look into.


Timeless white laces are never enough, especially when you visit the biggest lace shop in town. No matter the trend at the moment, you will find at least ten different sorts. Chantilly laces look great as dress outlines, while edging laces come in some hundred forms. There are also new collections of insertion laces with the new trend of inserting pretty mesh in-between dupattas and pants. French embroidered styles give your clothes life with the tiny pearls and sequins that are not too visible, but give just the right amount of sparkle on the whites.


New styles come and go, but the crochet remains forever. As always, there are numerous crochet laces available, and in many different widths. Colours are a bit limited here, featuring most of the primary colours only, but the texture and patterns make them really easy to work with. One of the best parts about crochets is that they allow you to extend the lengths of clothes you want to alter. Besides that, they also fit well into tablecloths and other household knickknacks.


Laces are not the only thing you can get at Chandni Chawk, because buttons also make up a good portion of it. Velvet, silk, wooden, beads, furry, golds, metallic and hundreds of other options will wow you as you set your eyes to look for one. When you are done shopping for laces, do keep some time for the button section, you will not regret it.


Other than some of these newer collections, you will definitely find the average stacks of velvet, glitter, and ribbon laces as well. Lace sets in three were always available at Chandni Chawk, but there are many new and different sorts, combinations and designs available. These make the job a whole lot easier because you do not have to mix and match, because you get it all in a set. Lace motifs are here by the dozens. With numerous sizes, colours, patterns and fabric variations, these are good enough to replace your embroideries.

A lace has to be one of the simplest ways to change up a dress, yet the outcomes are always amazing. If you have not already made a trip to Chandni Chawk recently, it is a trip worth making time for, for all the new collections need some checking out and appreciation.


Photo: LS Archive/Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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