Refresh your Italian senses at Amaya, Amari

'Ciao Dhaka' festival that was held between November 2 to 10, was a sneak preview to all gastronomic devotees regarding the new Italian section available at the buffet section in Amaya, Amari. 

What sets apart the Italian corner at Amaya from the Italian tastes we grew up with in Dhaka, is that the plates are an infusion of all the different parts of Italy. What we know to be the minestrone soup, changes flavours every 5 km in Italy. 

Thus, from the chef, Marco Boscaini's, 30+ years of experience, he set out the perfect blend of all the regional favourites of Italy, tickling the guests' taste buds. 

As you step foot at Amaya, you'll be embarking on an epicurean drive. Starters like the tuna tataki and the roasted Mediterranean veggies with feta and prawn salad have a soothing softness with the right number of herbs to excite your appetite and curiosity. 

Next in course are the soups, lasagna, pizza and pastas. Pastas ranging from the regular spaghetti to pappardelle, gnocchi, fettuccine and a range of raviolis. You'll also find exquisite aquatic dishes like baked salmon and crab with celery. Besides the already cooked options, there is a barbecue station outside for shrimp, chicken and fish. The sauces are of an extensive range, and there's no rule as to what you should top them with. Try a combination of a few in small amounts on your first round so you know what flavors to indulge in the long course. 

Whether you like sugaring your tastes first or to conclude your meal; there's a horizon of sweet shot-sized selections in the dessert panel, along with some cakes and fruits and also ice-creams. 

Their Italian chocolate trifle and the cassava are a must try. 

Like any professional; a personal touch can turn work into work-of-art, and there is nothing short of wonderful in Chef Marco's culinary crafts. 



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