The significance of a shopping list

We all love to shop. Some of us are shopaholics while others are not, but we all, from time-to-time, purchase things we do not need. While it is not always possible to make a shopping list every time we go shopping, it is a good idea to make a grocery list before you step inside a food mart or a kitchen market. Why? You will find out in a while.

Saves money

No one is asking you to be stingy, but wasteful spending does you and your family no good. Sticking to the shopping list when you go grocery shopping can keep your impulsive buying behaviour in check. When we do not have a shopping list, we often end up buying food items that we already have at home. Because food is perishable, buying more than you can consume is a bad, bad idea.

Saves time

Yes, you save time when you are armed with a grocery list. You know exactly what you need, so you do not roam about aimlessly in a supermarket, trying to remember if there is enough cooking oil at home to last you one more week.

Reduces food waste

According to Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, one-third — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — of the food produced every year gets lost or wasted. The statistic is staggering. A grocery list can help you reduce this waste. Food products decay and expire — remember this simple fact when you go grocery shopping this week.

Keeps you healthy

Because you know what you need and want, when you go grocery shopping with a shopping list, you do not pick random food items from the shelves of food stores. Unplanned shopping results in stuffing our refrigerators and cupboards with foods that are neither healthy nor needed.

Prevents multiple trips to stores

You can say goodbye to the hassle of making frequent trips to the supermarket when you make a weekly grocery list. You can prepare a handwritten grocery list like the good old days, which I still do. But you can also always make one on your cell phone. Add or delete items from the list as the week goes by.

Choose one particular day of the week for grocery shopping. Consider taking your children with you as it can be a great opportunity for them to learn letters and numbers. They can also learn social skills in a marketplace setting, where the foods on their plates come from and how to count and use money.

So, next week when you go grocery shopping, arm yourself with a shopping list for a better shopping experience.


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