Basic aquarium decoration ideas

Aquariums are a great addition to decor. They bring colour, promise and they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They are known to be soothing and have a relaxing effect on both human as well as pets. If decorated properly, a fish tank can really become the focal point of your room.


The background is very important for your fish tank. If you have a fish bowl, there's really not much scope to use a backdrop. A tank however, with its bigger space needs one. Different shades of blue or images with coral and reefs are most common, but you can use different ones as long as they match your theme.


There are a number of options with sand. You can choose coloured variants if you want a brighter look for your fish tank. But remember, coloured sands demand that the rest of the tank is colourful too, otherwise they look very out of place. There's also the option of black sand or white sand. Or you could go with the tried and trusted natural coloured sand.

Pebbles and Stones

Pebbles are not absolute necessary but it's a good idea to keep them for the betterment of the fish. In smaller tanks and fish bowls, where space is an issue, pebbles can really provide a natural look.

Stones that are a little bigger in size can bring a different touch with their unique shapes and colours. Avoid putting random stones in your fish bowl. They might upset the chemical balance of the water or worse — dissolve!


The decision about plants is a crucial one and must be considered seriously.

Artificial plants are easier to maintain and are not at threat of being eaten by the fish. Live plants on the other hand can provide a more appealing look, but they are difficult to maintain.

You will need to consider the size, growth, light requirement of the live plants as they really become a part of the tank ecology. Either way, you should put the taller plants in the back so they don't obstruct the view.

Carpet plants like java moss are a good choice for the front as they have limited growth. Use low to moderately high plants for the middle as this will be the focal point of the tank.

Driftwood and Ornaments

Driftwoods can really bring an abstract vibe to your fish tank. They can be set up along with ornaments to represent a visual story. You could go with the good old ship-wreck or plane-wreck beside your driftwood or you could go exotic with castles and sphinxes. As long as the ornament suits the background and does not congest the tank, you are good to go.

Remember, lights can also be a decorative choice and needs to be controlled if you use live plants. Coral and reefs are also good for decoration but only for saltwater fish tanks. Never put random rocks, sand or objects in the tank unless they are specifically made for aquariums.


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