Monokrome Turns 1

On 30 March, 2019 Maheen Khan, her team, and friends of Monokrome got together to celebrate the first year of the Monokrome. Maheen, who shares the name with the celebrated designer of Mayasir fame, collaborated with yogis Shazia Omar and Ulfath Kuddus.

Monokrome is a fashion brand that specialises in simple, structured and comfortable design concepts. Every collection is a play on the diversity of black, white, and grey textiles with an occasional pop of bright colours. Monokrome clothes are made of pure cotton, silk, wool and anything from natural fibres.

Maheen Khan, creative director and chief designer of Monokrome said, "When I started Monokrome, I wanted it to be a sustainable business from Bangladesh and that has been a big challenge because sourcing is a big issue however, the last few months I've been doing a lot of research and I've been travelling within Bangladesh to find out more about our local artisanal work, and within the last year, the things that we have been able to achieve whether big or small has been monumental for me".

The Monokrome team considers the disposal and recyclability of their products. All Monokrome customers benefit from after-care services to make sure that the clothes you buy can give you amazing mileage. It is also in Monokrome's mission to make reusability trendy.

The Monokrome team is trying to work with local weavers to come excellent durable and sustainable textiles that will mesh perfectly with the Monokrome aesthetics.

Maheen says, "The goal for our second anniversary is that, every collection from now will be textiles woven and designed in house."



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