Avanza — The Multi Designer Store

On 30 March, 2019 Dhaka's some of the country's top most designers and entrepreneurs opened their collaborative store, Avanza — The Multi Designer Store. A selected A-list crowd was invited to celebrate the opening of the store located at Banani, Road #12, House #44. Renowned architect, Mustafa Khalid Palash, was the chief guest of the event, and inaugurated the opening of the store.

Koral Klauset's Rupu Shams and host of the event emphasised on the importance of supporting and uplifting local brands. She said, "It is important to preserve our heritage by promoting local weavers, designers, and most importantly, the materials we get right here. By creating an environment like Avanza, we can show the world the beauty of Dhaka's fashion."

The store brings together premium shalwar kameezs, kurtis, saris, menswear, jewellery, footwear, home décor, and many more lifestyle products under one roof. The designer brands of Avanza are, Baheera by Farzana Yusuf and Farzana Yusuf Design Studio, Koral Llauset by Rupu Shams, Rose, ZRM by Zurhem, and Rubaba's Closet, and custom made jewellery from Minerva by Mahjabin Ahmed. At Avanza you will also find household items from Luxe Living and Grey, there are fragrances from The Fragrances House of Soema, and artisan soaps and skin care solutions from Afterglow, and shoes form S Footwear.

Koral Klauset by Rupu Shams has saris and kameezs designed for all sorts of events.

At Farzana Yusuf Design Studio, there is a collection of easy to wear luxury shirts, perfect for vacations. At Rose by Nizhu, the designer creates limited pieces, that are a unique blend of silk, muslin and other traditional fabrics, Nizhu specialises in floral embroidery inspired by Belgian and Persian tapestry, intertwined with intricate zardozi work.

For casual, semi-formal and office attires, there is Rubaba's Closet, who also offer Khadi pieces. ZRM by Zurhem showcases a diffusion line for younger fashionistas with their casual line. It's the first time they designed clothes for 15 to 25-year-olds.

At Avanza, there are also local soaps, skin care, and fragrance brands, Avanza also Afterglow — Artisan Soaps & Skin Care Solutions, and The Fragrance House of Soema. Afterglow is an organic skin care company led by the dynamic mother daughter duo, Sumaya Eskander and her mother Nasrin Ahmed. The Fragrance house of Soema is yet another matriarchal duo, who bring their unique experiences together to create fragrances that turn your homes into a scented wonderland.

There are home décor items by Grey and Luxe Living. At grey you can get gift sets, and collectible items like sculptures and statement pieces for your kitchen and table top. And Luxe Living is a lifestyle brand bringing bespoke elegance and glamour to the home fashion scene in Bangladesh.




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