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DIY: A pest free haven

Without chemical pesticides

Are you frustrated with the pests and bugs invading your home again and again? Do they just come back every time you thought you were done with them?

Well, read on to find out how you can create a pest free haven once and for all!


Bed Bugs

●Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all those biting tiny monsters.

●According to and bed bugs die at 55 degree Celsius temperature. So you can use a hairdryer to directly heat the affected places in your beddings, mattresses and clothes. Or you can also implement a full room heating process with the help of a professional pest control service to ensure every part of your room reaches the necessary temperature.

●Carry the affected mattresses and clothes in sealed plastic bags for exclusion, disposal or treatment.

●Treat affected mattresses, pillows, curtains, towels and every other clothing in hot water.

●Put away affected mattresses in enclosed areas so that the bugs cannot get in and out.

●Seal holes and gaps in walls and cardboards where they are possibly hiding.



●The main agenda here is to prevent them from flying in by keeping the household as clean as possible.

●Keep all the areas related to food preparation and serving totally free of leftover bits and pieces of food.

●Keep food supplies in a properly packaged way and stored in contained places.

●Clean the nearby drains regularly so that it do not become a breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes.

●Dispose of waste materials as soon as possible. While stored take care that these are kept in almost airtight containers.

●You may use UV light fly traps to catch flies around the kitchen, food supplies and serving areas.



Now, this one is probably bothering you the most!

●However, having a cockroach free haven is not much of a difficult task

●Apply all the cleaning procedures described above for flies. Keep your house, especially the areas related to food preparation and serving along with the toilets neat and clean. Keep a cautious eye on bits and pieces of food left over.

●Keep your drainage system well maintained and regulated.

●Take care of the waste materials and garbage cans as soon as possible. And keep them out of your main doors, if possible. 

●Store your food items properly in hard containers like food-grade plastic, stainless steel or glass containers. Do not use paper or polythene bags as cockroaches can bite through these.

●Roaches can’t stand boric acid. So, you can use borax and spill it around the potential entry points of cockroaches to deter them from getting into your house suggests


Rats and Mice

●The most basic principle for making your home rat and mice free is to bar them from getting access to your house in the first place. So, block and cover all the potential holes and gaps through which they might get into your apartment.

●Keep food and drinking water in such a place that rats and mice cannot reach those even in their wildest dreams.

●Do not allow the development of clogged areas in your home. Keep the corners and the areas underneath the furniture clean and regularly monitored.

●You may also use catch and release mouse traps. And if you opt for any chemical options, which is not recommended, then you must follow the safety standards while using poisons or even better- summon professional help.

●Many trusted sources including report that peppermint oil is very effective in keeping rats and mice away. Use one or two drops of oil on cotton balls and spread these in their possible hiding places.

●Some other sources like and suggest pepper, onion and bay leaves are very effective in dealing with rats. Keep these in the possibly affected regions of you house.


Apart from the fact that pests and bugs scatter numerous diseases, there are millions of reasons why you would want your life to be free of them.  The creepy effect they produce is enough on its own!

However, if you follow these rules and regulations even all the other pests and bugs like carpenter ants, beetles, mites etc. also will not get any chance to invade your home. So, stay clean, healthy and safe! 

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