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Magic in Monochrome

Weddings are often symbolised as a flurry of colours, and sometimes, we want to escape such chaos. Many of us may just want a simple affair rather than worrying about tons of petty things such as the trousseau, ensembles ---all the glitz and glamour.

In most of the 'I want simplicity' cases, the bride and the groom resort to a single hue, rather than a multitude of colours. Does it mean they prefer a true monochrome ensemble? A play of black or white? Maybe not! Because how many times have we heard the elders warn us to not wear white or black to a wedding to ward off the superstitious connotations? So the way out-- a single hued palette that looks equally gorgeous!

A simple sari in a yellow tone or pearl pink can highlight the inner being. Our belief is that, often, the person gets lost in the weight of the wedding hustle, or should we say the weight of the lehenga! And the easiest way to bounce back is to wear anything in a single hue, where the persona behind the individual is highlighted and a happy soul lightens up the face instead of an expensive wardrobe.

Too bold maybe?

Well for starters, maybe experimentation can be done on smaller occasions like the mehndi or the holud night, rather than the main day.

Instead of wearing clothes with plenitude of embellishments and embroidery; the bride can resort to wearing something simple, paired with minimal jewellery and makeup.

Are we in a rush to leave behind the segment 'who likes it gorgeous' and 'all-the-way beyond' on their special day?

Not at all! Because this special affair, which hopefully comes once in a lifetime for most, allows everyone the opportunity to be extravagant without guilt!  So how can someone who's all in for depleting money on such a special occasion, incorporate the elan of monochrome?

The answer lies in the closest associates - a.k.a. the bridesmaids, the groom's friends, the aunts, the uncles, and the countless cousins.

Each of the categories can be assigned a special colour of their own. Worn in a combination, they should look like the dazzling colours of a rainbow.

The photographs come out superbly fit as well, and everyone recognises what their relation with the bride or the groom is!

So, no longer do you have to be bothered by lines like – “How are you related to the bride?” One glance at your colour code and they would know your exact association.

Isn't that a great relief! Phew!

On an end note, monochrome affinity or not, it certainly meets all tastes perfectly!

Starry Starry Nights…

Haven't we seen enough of pastels already? Isn't it about time we tried out new shades like the navy blue or the midnight blue at weddings?

The deep rich colour certainly stands out amongst the crowd! Making you look classy and super stylish.

When paired with silver or gold it resembles the romantic starry nights that we often crave for.

Interested already? Want the know-how to spruce up a midnight blue?

Read on…

Midnight blue looks best when paired with a contrasting colour like the blood red or maroon. So if you are wearing a sari in midnight blue, make sure the blouse is in the latter colour scheme.

Same goes with the accessories. If you are opting for a midnight blue gown, then the clutch and the stilettos should definitely be in maroon, shimmering gold or jet-black.

Silver ornaments look excellent with the deepest shades of blue, including our favourite – midnight blue! But so does antique gold and rose gold.

So don't fret if you have an inclination for the specific rich shade and gold, because you are sure to turn quite a few heads, only if you know how to pair them well. A dab of pearls here and there should complement the specific shade of blue as well.

On an endnote, with midnight blue you can never go wrong! If in confusion, always carry with you a small bouquet of red roses.

No one can beat that!


Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Efa, Indrani, Meghla, Mysha

Wardrobe: LS Design

Blouse: Jahin Khan

Jewellery: Araaz

Make-up and hair: Noyon Ahamed and Niloy

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha

Location: Mermaid Beach Resort, Cox’s Bazar

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