House of Ahmed welcomes the 2022 Wedding Season

House of Ahmed welcomes the 2022 Wedding Season

Along with the entire world, the wedding season went on hiatus for the last two years after the global pandemic. People adapting to the new way of living took their lifestyle back to basics. Attending meetings and ceremonies alike via zoom calls and other platforms became the new normal. When things went a bit easy, people started to have wedding ceremonies in a more intimate way. Instead of inviting hundreds, if not thousands of guests, only a close inner circle of brides and grooms took part in the pandemic weddings.

Now that society has gone back to its chaotic and lively old ways, so has the wedding season. House of Ahmed is all set to welcome this year's "Dhaka wedding season" with exclusive bridal collection art pieces and festive wear. By putting their pristine designs as the core element in their collection, founders Tanzila Elma and Ahmed Tuhin Reza are ready to blast the doors off the wedding wear.

House of Ahmed welcomes the 2022 Wedding Season

Founded in 2019, House of Ahmed's goal has always been promoting Bangladesh's hand-woven embroidery embedded in ethnic apparel artistry. They also brought the artisans under the limelight who have passed down the blessing of impeccable craftsmanship over generations and are responsible for the magic.

So, what is so special about the House of Ahmed welcoming Dhaka wedding season 2022? From wedding photography, catering, bridal jewellery, makeup, catering to even choosing a venue; House of Ahmed and its partners are willing to give a 360 solution for their clients' big day.

House of Ahmed welcomes the 2022 Wedding Season

For this year's wedding collection, House of Ahmed will be featuring "Local Benarasi Katan" best suited for any bride's wedding ceremony. Its signature "Laal Katan," Rajshahi raw silk sherwani is highlighted with gold intricate zardozi embroidery by the local artisans, which will give any individual a royal ethnic stature after wearing the wedding attire. Covering celebrations at a wedding; one can choose colourful outfits for the holud, white jamdani sari and panjabi for the Nikah, and trending pastel shades for the reception.

So, don't wait any longer and start planning your big day with House of Ahmed!

Photography: Mahinuzzaman Piyan
Styling and fashion Direction: Mahmudul Hasan Mukul
Beauty partner: Lia's Beauty Box
Jewellery partner: Kashfiaa-Jewelry Designer
Venue partner: InterContinental Dhaka
Event Partner: Eskay Decor by Saimul Karim


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