CAMPUS / Do girls still need a curfew?

Raisa is a final year student at Dhaka University's (DU) science faculty. She lives in Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall, where the gates close at 9.30pm sharp.

Campus / A Humanitarian Appeal

Shamim (not his real name) was searching frantically for a donor with O negative blood. Without a donor, his mother's life would be at risk after a major surgical operation in her stomach. After an exhaustive search, Shamim finally got a donor from Dhaka University's voluntary blood donor group called Badhon.

Campus / Cleaning our symbol of pride

“The sun was bright and the heat felt sweltering. Sweat collected on the face and the clefts of the forehead, and dripped down in tiny little droplets of salt-water. It was the first time when the tedious job of cleaning did not feel tiring, instead our hearts filled up with bliss.” This is how we, students of BRAC University, felt while cleaning our National Memorial.

Campus / When You Dare to Dream

Twenty seven EMBA students of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM), Dhaka University, toured India from June 7 2015 to June 12 2015.


One of the biggest threats our planet is facing right now is climate change.