Price of essentials

Price of essentials

Will urge govt to import potatoes if prices not stable

Says DG of Directorate of National Consumers' Right Protection

3d ago

Potato price keeps ticking up despite cap

The price of potato went up further after the government on Thursday announced a price cap for the tuber and began market drives to check the soaring price of the tuber.

5d ago

Govt to sell potatoes at Tk 27 a kg if traders don’t

If wholesalers do not sell potatoes at Tk 27 a kg, the new price cap, the government will sell them, said AHM Shafikuzzaman, director general of the national consumer rights protection directorate, yesterday.

6d ago

Govt to sell potatoes at Tk 27 if wholesalers don't

DG of national consumer rights protection directorate says

6d ago

Govt move to check prices falls flat

The commerce ministry’s price cap on onions, potatoes, and eggs barely made an impact on the runaway prices as shopkeepers in the capital have not complied with the order.

1w ago

Price hike of essentials: Tipu Munshi takes flak from opposition MPs

Opposition MPs came down hard on Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi yesterday for what they said was his failure to control the prices of essentials and take action against the market syndicates.

1w ago

Govt fixes egg, onion, potato prices

In a first, the government yesterday fixed the prices of eggs, onions and potatoes in its bid to contain the runaway food inflation, which hit a 12-year-high last month.

1w ago

Soybean oil price cut by Tk 5 per litre 

Refiners in Bangladesh today cut the price of soybean oil by Tk 5 and palm oil by Tk 4 a litre after edible oil prices declined in the international market.

1w ago

Munshi’s comment exposes govt’s helplessness

The commerce minister’s recent admission that stern measures against market manipulators could create a sudden crisis has exposed the helplessness and lack of political will of the government, said three top economists and a consumers' body. 

Govt agencies fail to control prices ahead of Eid: CAB

Though the people are reeling from the price hike of essentials, the government agencies concerned could not reign in the prices ahead of the Eid, said Consumers Association of Bangladesh.

Soybean oil price cut by Tk 10 a litre

Hours after a meeting with the commerce ministry, Bangladesh Vegetable Oil Refiners’ and Vanaspati Manufacturers’ Association yesterday reduced the price of soybean oil by Tk 10 per litre.

TCB hikes sugar price

State-owned Trading Corporation of Bangladesh will start selling sugar from today to the family card holders for Tk 70 a kg, a rise by 16 percent or Tk 10 from the previous price.

Essentials’ Prices: Ministers should quit if they fail to break syndicates

State Minister for Industries Kamal Ahmed Majumder yesterday said ministers concerned should quit if they can’t break up syndicates controlling the economy and essentials’ market.

Sugar price hiked by Tk 16 a kg

The government on Monday approved the refiners’ proposal for rising the retail price of sugar by Tk 16 a kg in accordance with the price hike in the international market.

No let-up in price hike

When people are already struggling to cope with high prices of daily essentials, a fresh hike in the prices of soybean oil, sugar, onions, and potatoes has dealt them a further blow.

Onion, potato prices shoot up

Faruk Hossain, a Begunbari resident, went to the capital’s Karwan Bazar yesterday for his monthly grocery shopping with the hope of buying all items spending the same amount of money he spent last month.

Sugar price jumps by Tk 20 a kg in 2 weeks

Within two weeks, the price of sugar increased by Tk 20 per kg at retail.