Allergic rhinitis: What is its remedy?

According to the air quality index (AQI), Bangladesh has the most air pollution globally. Hence allergic rhinitis is one of the most alarming and common problems related to environmental pollution. Several foreign matters can act as a potential allergen from the dust of construction areas, humid weather, pollen, animal hair, exposure to hay by farmers, etc. So how do we know if we have allergic rhinitis?

50-60% reduced risk of Covid for double-vaccinated: English study

Fully-vaccinated people have an around 50 to 60 percent reduced risk of infection from the Delta coronavirus variant, including those who are asymptomatic, a large English coronavirus prevalence study found on Wednesday.

Two-thirds of Indians have coronavirus antibodies, survey shows

Two-thirds of India’s population have antibodies against the coronavirus, according to data released from a survey of 29,000 people across the nation conducted in June and July.