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Top Neo JMB financier dies during drive: Rab

A top “Neo JMB” financier died after he jumped off a five-storey building to flee during a raid by Rapid Action Battalion in Savar's Ashulia yesterday, said the elite force.

Rab identified him as Nazmul Haque alias Abdur Rahman alias Babu alias Moynul.

Nazmul's wife Shanaz alias Ruma, their two sons and a daughter were detained, Mufti Mahmud Khan, director of the force's legal and media wing, told reporters near the building following the drive.

Acting on a tip-off, a Rab-4 team cordoned off the building, owned by one Amir Mridha, in Ashulia's Gazirchat area of Savar on the outskirts of the capital around 6:00pm.

Sensing Rab's presence, Nazmul cut the window grills of his rented flat on the fourth floor, and jumped off and badly injured himself, according to Rab.

He was caught and admitted to Savar's Enam Medical College Hospital under Rab's custody. He died there later.

Enamur Rahman, chairman of the hospital and also the local lawmaker, confirmed report that Nazmul had died at the hospital.

Mufti also said they recovered Tk 30 lakh, a firearm, ammunition, a mobile jammer, sharp weapons, and a huge number of “Jihadi books” from Nazmul's flat.

He said they traced Nazmul while investigating a case filed after a few female militants were arrested in Tongi.

Rab officials did not specifically say which subversive activities were financed by him.

They claimed that Nazmul was known in “Neo JMB” as Ainul.

“Neo JMB”, as law enforcers call it, is an offshoot of the banned militant outfit Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

Nazmul's driving licence and passport, which were also seized during yesterday raid, say his name was Abdur Rahman.

He rented the flat identifying himself as a medical representative some six months ago, said Mufti.


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