2 pythons rescued in Bagerhat

Curious people gather around a python found in the yard of one Gaffar Kazi in Bagerhat. Photo: STAR
Wildlife team of forest department today rescued two pythons from two separate areas in Bagerhat and freed them to the Sundarbans.

Locals informed forest department officials after they found a six and half feet-python in a pond at Amragachhia Bazar in Sharankhola upazila, reports our local correspondent.

The python, weighing 5.7 kilogrammes, was trapped in a net in the pond, said Dhansagar Station Officer (SO) Azad Kabir of the Sundarbans (east) Forest Department.

Meanwhile, the other python was found in the yard of one Gaffar Kazi. On information, wildlife team rescued the six-foot-python around 11:00am. It weighs 5.5 kilogrammes, said Abu Nayeem, field officer of Tigers' Preservation Project of wildlife team.

Later, the two pythons were freed in the forest at Gulishakhali camp area of Chandpai range under Dhansagar Station of the Sundarbans, he added.

"They might have come to the locality in search of food," he said.


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