Pritom-Xefer on Grammys Red Carpet

Pritom-Xefer on Grammys Red Carpet
Photo: Facebook

Last Sunday, the world witnessed one of the biggest celebrations in the music industry-the Grammy Awards. Grammy 2023 was a cornerstone for Bangladeshis in many ways as Dr Nashid Kamal and Armeen Musa's song "Jaago Piya", gained nomination for the 65th Annual Grammy Awards in the category of Best Global Music Album, as a part of Berklee Indian Ensemble's "Shuruaat".

Although Masa Takumi took home the Grammy for her song "Sakura", the Bangladeshi fans instead got to witness musicians Pritom Hasan and Xefer Rahman grace the Grammys red carpet.

Expressing his excitement, Pritom wrote on his social media account, "Always watched Grammy awards and snippets on television and YouTube. Never imagined I'll be witnessing Grammy with my bestie Xefer wearing a custom made nokshikatha tuxedo."


Stars like Harry styles, Beyoncé, Taylor swift, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, The Rock, Adele were in close proximity to them.

"Armeen Musa got nominated though she didn't win, I'm so happy one of ours made it into the nomination list.

Hope to see one of our Bangladeshi artists on the red-carpet someday!" he wrote.

The two witnessed the Grammy's through Qinetic music.

The musician friends looked amazing on the red carpet, with Pritom dressed in a custom suit with Bangladeshi motifs on the lapel and Xefer in a gorgeous red saree.