Lawmakers as lawbreakers!

Lead by example

A recent report in this newspaper of a ruling party lawmaker's men snatching away a criminal from Rab custody underlines a serious abuse of power in utter disregard for the law of the land. 

The AL lawmaker from Natore-2 along with a posse of party men was reportedly seen and videotaped getting into an altercation with Rab personnel as the latter went to pick up the notorious criminal at a local bus station. 

He is, however, not alone in making a mockery of law and order. In recent days, some members of parliament from the party in power have been known less for their ability to perform their constitutional duties and more for other things, often not nice, like grabbing land belonging to the minorities and beating up public servants. 

The apparent unwritten immunity that the ruling elites seem to have granted themselves casts a grim shadow over the credibility of the government and democratic governance. Precedents should be demonstratively set to discourage such improprieties. That would be good for the government in the long run. 

Let us make no mistake about what is at stake here: a real democracy where no one is above law and lawmakers are true representatives of the people. 


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