Another monk killed!

Perpetrators operating with impunity

Yet another monk, this time a Buddhist living as an ascetic in a remote place in Khagrachari, has been killed. The manner of the killings resembles the other five carried out since April 6 of this year. The character of the targets is similar – a religious figure or someone not conforming to the killers' view of religion. 

What is alarming is that the perpetrators are going about their business of picking up targets almost at will. Of concern also is the fact that, apparently, the extremists have the capability of operating all over the country, even in the remotest part of the Hill Tracts. And here is a message that they want to send to the agencies and the government – get us if you can! Regrettably, the government has neither been able to net the masterminds nor neutralise the extremists as yet. 

We find it difficult to accept the home minister's statement that these are isolated incidents or, as in this particular case – although he later offered a redaction - it is a result of a family feud. Such instant opinions suggest either lack of seriousness in addressing the issue or an information gap between the ministry and the agencies, none of which is desirable.  

We wonder what, if anything, the government has learnt since 2013. There is a lack of cogent and coherent policy to address the problem. We are surprised at the government's indifference to share with the people its plan of combating the extremists. Doing that would certainly generate confidence in the public.