Shuvashish Roy’s new teen book incorporates SDGs into fiction

Chevening scholar, author, and head of business development at The Daily Star, Shuvashish Roy, has published his first work of fiction, Chamakiya O Biggani Bhajaghata (Gyankosh Prokashoni, 2022), released at the Ekushey Boi Mela this year. 

The book follows the story of a teenage protagonist, the eponymous Chamakiya—a wonder girl; she surprises everyone with her sparkling talents, which includes having the highest IQ in the world. A secret society of scientists, called Vox, seeks her help in order to save the planet. Chamakiya solves mysteries at home and abroad to save the world. But the question remains, how?

"I often tell my son made-up stories during dinner and bedtimes to keep him engaged. I created Chamakiya, a teenage prodigy who surprises people with her scientific wonders", Roy said. "The Bangla word for 'surprise' is 'chamak', which is why everyone calls her Chamakiya."

Shuvashish Roy, after pursuing his higher degree in Creativity, Innovation and Business Strategy from the University of Exeter, UK, has previously authored the "creative journal" Ja Iccha Tai, which conjures up an array of new and futuristic ghosts and paranormal beings. Apart from being a marketing professional, he has worked on several web films and music as well.

This new book is dedicated to his older brother, Deep, who first acquainted him with the world of literature. He also mentions the "future generations", Dipto and Shoronno.

"We need to achieve the sustainable development goals [...] and only the government bodies, NGOs, and development organisations will not be enough to do so", Roy writes in his acknowledgements in the book. 

"In order to make this happen", he adds, "we need to have personal goals and awareness as well". Each chapter and event in the book, therefore, corresponds with a Sustainable Development Goal. 

"I have tried to add moral ethics to my stories for my son", he added. 

This book, which is available to order on Rokomari, will be the first in a series. Roy is currently writing the next book, Antarcticay Chamakiya. 



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