Writ challenging cop brutality on activists

Bangladesh High Court
Bangladesh High Court. File photo

A writ was moved with the High Court today challenging the legality of yesterday’s police brutality on women activists protesting the April 14 sexual assault.

The petition sought the court’s order on the government for necessary step on the policemen responsible for the assault on the women activists yesterday.

Yesterday, cops used brute force to quell students who were trying to lay a siege on Dhaka police headquarters demanding justice over the April 14 sexual assault.

At least 34, including leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra Union, were injured as cops charged batons, rifle butts, water cannon and teargas canisters.

Women activists at scene were mercilessly assaulted – with boots and batons. Videos of the brutal act drew widespread condemnation on the social media.

Police Brutality on protesters
A policeman attempts to kick a female demonstrator as she falls on the ground after being cornered by cops who turn violent during a programme to lay siege to the headquarters of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Sunday, May 10, 2015. She is not spared the cops' brutality even after being knocked to the ground. Photo: Banglar Chokh

Supreme Court lawyer Eunus Ali Akond moved the petition with the High Court today and prayed that the National Human Rights Commission be ordered to investigate the incident – on whether human rights were violated.

He told The Daily Star that the court may hear the petition tomorrow.

Citing the petition, which accompanied reports run in The Daily Star and Prothom Alo, Eunus said the law enforcers reportedly violated the human and fundamental rights of the protesters.

On April 14, a group of rowdy youths sexually assaulted women at Dhaka University during Bangla new year celebrations under the nose of law enforcers – that too for over an hour.

Though a month is in the passing, no one has been apprehended in this regard despite being equipped with close circuit camera footages.


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